Teenagers... they are young cats that will contribute to the cattery future, they will take over the older cats who finished with shows and mating.

I planned and desired to have young cats that would have genes from the first female cats in my cattery, the first MCO breeding in Poland, being the successors of the first cats brought to our country. Unfortunately, the plan failed... I did not leave for myself any of Evita's children, always thinking that there would be enough time for it... I also did not manage to leave Modry's child, Evita's grandchild. Now both Evita and Modry are dead.

Therefore I decided to leave two young and promising females, daughters of my two females Baccara and Boni. I also bought a white female Dafne Ewjatar*Pl, who is related to the first MCO cats brought to Poland. I "knew" most of these cats myself and I think that if there still is a chance, genes of the old breeding lines should be preserved. Now the breeders tend to forget about the old lines and keep thinking about "new MCO type", which according to me is wrong. The standard stands for the beauty and value of this race – the cat is recognised for its size, strong bones, characteristic head build. Regretfully now it often happens that cats are mistaken for NFO...