Son of AMBRA Bratnia Dusza & ZAKI ZIMO Folwark Zwierzęcy, born in my home on 15.10.2005. He left with us and enchanted us with his beauty and bravery inherited from his grandmother Canga Pręgowce z Jasienia, his mom also gave his some of it :))

He is kind and sociable towards people and animals but persistent when meeting "an enemy". His personality and beauty are amazing and inherited from his ancestors. He watches kittens and intervenes when they are too noisy. He lets them play with his continuously waving tail and wander around his body. Dakar is very friendly to Jamilka and Goliasek and, which seems funny, he respects my mother's York ;)). Any dog outside the fence is an enemy, especially when he barks, but when we go outside, he ignores those enemies or wants to play with them... that's our DAKAR – a beautiful and clever "guy". he loves us with all his heart and protects us all the time.

Gorgeous son of AMBRA, who already won 25 golden medals.

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