PRAZSKY KRYSARIK ( Prague Rattler ):

Origins of this race are not fully explained, but the first mentions of this Ratter – Krysarik appeared in the times of Czech Prince Vladislav II, who presented a tiny dog to Charlemagne. In the year 1377 king Karl IV gave three tiny dogs of Czech origin to the French king Charles V...

In the year 1960 the race enthusiasts decided to “bring it back to life” and register it to FCI as a native Czech race.

The first litter of Prazsky Krysarik was born in 12.09.1982 in the breeding Odkaz stredoveku * CZ. In 1990 there was established the Club of Prazsky Krysarik Lovers.


What should the dog look like?

According to the standard, it is a small and intelligent dog, very lively, watchful and of huge temper. Its dexterity and speed are admirable, especially during running. This dog has also a great sense of smell and tends to love the carer very strong.

The height at withers: the minimum is 20 cm, the maximum is 23 cm.

The optimum weight is 2,60 kg.

The main difference between this race and others is the specific shape of the head – it resembles a pear.

The basic colour of coat is black and tan, as well as brown and tan (similar to Doberman). The blue and tan or yellow are rare and have occurred not so long ago (the new standard accepts all the colours).


What shouldn’t the dog look like?

It cannot be higher than 23 cm, the head cannot be of apple shape (it can occur only in Chihuahua) and it must look according to the standard. All deviations are treated as defects.


What is the character of Prazsky Krysarik?

In one word – GREAT! Everyone who met this charming and lovely tiny dog – will not want any other race. Krysarik has an incredible temper, it is very hardy and fierce in everything it does. It is willing to learn and able to learn a lot. The only problem is to obtain from the dog what we want, but the simplest solution is a little “bribe”, such as a biscuit... :))

Krysarik loves everyone and everything: adults, kids and other animals… apart from rodents! The other popular name of this race is “rat catcher”; therefore if you own both a rat/mouse and Krysarik, you must separate them to keep them alive...

It is a small dog with a lion heart. If it is well-mannered, it can be an ideal companion to a man and it will do anything to make the carer happy, even give its own life!

Of course, it loves sleeping in bed...

Nevertheless, if it is ill-mannered, it may become nervous and bite people and animals.


Who can have Prazsky Krysarik?

These dogs are the best for small dogs’ lovers. Having them is very convenient especially in cities. A small and intelligent dog can be taught to use the cuvette. Moreover, it is easy to travel with Krysariks, thanks to their small size and weight. They like company, so they will make friends with another small dog or cat.


Who cannot have Prazsky Krysarik?

First of all, it cannot be “a toy” for children, as any other animal. It cannot be kept in a cage or kennel outside; it would not stand such conditions and would die in the winter. It also should not be kept by someone who does not have much time to take care of the dog, to give it the attention and love. This dog feels a need of contact with man and cannot live alone. The most important for the dog is to have somebody to love and to feel the love of its carer.

The data /in short/ were taken from the breeding website Fedar, from who I bought my Jamilka...
To be continued... I am translating :))