Jamilka – a beautiful female, who I begged for of Ms. Katerina Beranowa. She is a comple opposite to Goliasek. Jamilka is "living silver", insubordinate; but she does things with so much charm... She can also "sell" her skills. She is very intelligent and can use it. I am thinking of the future, what will happen then if she can use her skills so early... But she isn't always "nasty". When she finally comes to my arms, she is very lovable, sweet and nice. Her fur is so nice and silky. The belly is just sweet! In the morning she dances, swings, and holds a sock (the one that she received form her home), or she runs holding a toy bear, that is almost as big as her... So tell me, how can I not love this small beauty?

She is 12 days older than Goliasek, she has plenty of incredible ideas and so few time... She is always hungry and looks at the cat food standing at the window with the hope that something will fall unattended. She is quick as lightning an sees everything... She notices food the first and will not give a chance to Goliasek... when I feed them, I sit between two bowls of food and must supervise them eating only their serving. As soon as they have finished, they... are waiting for more, they are HUNGRY!!!... This is incredible... What is more, everything looks tasty for them and is edible – fruit, vegetables, bread, etc... this list could continue and never end...