My adventure with Maine Coons, as I have mentioned, started when I bought a female from Denmark... Then I had at home Zuzia's daughter – Evita. It seemed, that I needed a male for them, because it would be convenient to keep cats of both sexes. I wouldn't travel with a female to mate, what would reduce stress. The problem was, that I would have to be very responsible while keeping male together with females at home. I didn't want to have unplanned matings. Every breeder that owns both males and females knows what I am talking about. It is sometimes difficult to keep a male away from a female and I would never put them in cages... It is inhumane!

All these facts caused that I waited 10 years until I decided to buy a male. When I moved from a flat to a house, I was able to give the cats proper conditions, that means to separate males when it is necessary. Currently I own three "guys" – Basil, Modrasek and the youngest Floyd – they live in peace and even in friendship, what is highly important. Sometimes breeders complain that their males fight. It does not occur in my house, even when a female has a rut. I hope that it won't change for worse... My males do not "sign" the terrain inside, but outside, in the garden, they do it... : ))))

Sometimes my males date with females from another breedings. You can see the "effects" in the "Offspring" tab :)