My pedigree breed is amateur, my female cats do not give birth to kittens too often. I do not take all the permissible opportunities of having kittens 3 times during 2 years by one female. I also do not mate very young females, such as one year old, which is also permissible in the breeding code. I think that such a young organism should not be put under so much stress and pressure connected with pregnency and birth. I have been breeding cats for over 15 years and "in the meantime" I also breed dogs. I have been a member of The Kennel Club on Gdańsk since 1978, therefore I can say that my experience as a breeder is big after 30 years. It is not only theory that I possessed, it is mainly the practice.

Recently it became "fashionable" among pedigree breeders to mate very young females because of Pyometra, but they seem not to know that also female cats and dogs who had kittens/puppies can fall ill the same as the ones who had children.

The only reason that I personally take into account when mating so young female are medical recommendations, e.g. when the cat has long and often ruts. The truth is that unfortunately it is the breeder who decides, and the cat has nothing to say...

My cats live with me, they participate in the family and social life, they are not kept in cages or aviaries. They accompany me all day long. They can go to the garden (always observed by someone). They are friends with my dogs. They are kind, friendly and do not fear strangers.

I keep both males and females and I do not give hormones (to keep the sexual drive away) to any of them. I just keep order and follow the rules I set. Males sleep in different room than females. They also cannot go out to the garden together. My methods are successful, because there has not been even one unplanned pregnancy so far.