YENNA Bratnia Dusza *PL:

                                                                                 MCO f 09

                                                Gentest HCM MYBPC3 - parents - gentest - N / N


Radiant – Rani is a lovely and delicate female... She travelled long with me without cries and fighting, she was brave when I had to give her water from a syringe /it was unbelievably hot/. As soon as we came home, she ogt used to new conditions really fast and she ignored her not-so-happy "aunties". She made friends with Krysariks, that she met when travelling home... First I was anxious that she might hurt the little dogs, but then I saw that she was very careful...

I am curious about her in the future. Her mother, Urania, is a huge female with a threatening look and appearance, but she in fact is as calm as her daughter. I've seen her myself and I had her in my arms. Radiant's father is also a big and strong cat... I had to lift a lot :))