Zuzia, Zuzaczek, Zuzu – a female brought from Denmark in the times when breeders from abroad didn't want to sell any cats to this "strange" country Poland... sometimes it was easier if you had "connections", but I didn't have any. But I said "I can do it!" and in the April in 1994 I went to Denmark to buy a 5-month-old female cat. She was born on 24.11.1994 and is a THIRD Maine Coon in Poland! Her pedigree number is 004...

Zuzia is a petite female of a great heart, who loves me so much that it is unbelievable. When I was ill, she was taking care of me, sitting with me, touching my face with her nose – she said to me that she knew I was ill and she wanted to comfort me. She is unique and I know that I will never again have such a great cat...

Zuzia is also a very energetic cat, who is the boss to all creatures at home. When she feels that it is necessary to bring "peace and order", she intervenes and gives everyone what he or she deserves :)))))

Zuzia is my lovliest cat. She is very old, I think she's the oldest Maine Coon female in Poland. This year she will be 14 years old and she is still in good shape. I try not to think about the future, so as not to bring bad luck...

She is a Cornish Rex, who loves heat, which is typical for this race. She has spent 10 years with me... In the summer she lies in the sun or goes into the garden. It is never too hot for her. In the winter she lies on the radiator, changing the sides... If it is cold, she wears a turtleneck :)) She loves sleeping in bed, especially under my armpit. She eats A LOT, what influences her figure. She could eat anything, apart from dry food. She waits impatiently for every meal.

Daisy is very energetic and loves jumping.


MCO f 22 / classic black tortoiseshell tabby /

HCM screened negative - 17.02.2011

Mother litter " J "


MCO ds 24

Gentest HCM MYBPC3 genotyp - N / HCM

Usg ( HCM )07.11.2009 - negative

     PKD 07.11.2009  - negative


19 x Ex 1

BIV Total (class kitten! )

BIV kitten

BIV Total

4 x Nom Bis

2 x BIV

1 x Best op.sex


" Basil is a cat of a uniqe character... he is sensitive, full of good manners and calmness, a cat that does not fight. He is friendly and loves the whole world, apart from the mean and cheeky magpies. They were sitting in the garden and and "barking" at him, so he had to chase them and show who is bigger and stronger. After all, jumping high is good for your health...

In contrast to Floyd, Basil is more fit, his body is firm and athletic, what is always emphasised by amazed judges. Food is not the most important thing for him, but he is always "around" when there is time to eat. He is not the fastest when moving towards his bowl, he approaches it with dignity :))))))) He will always wait until a female or kitten has eaten.

He loves lying in the heat by the stove and sleeping on a sheep fur. Basil is a GREAT friend of Modrasek... "



    MCO n 22

                         HCM MYBPC3 - parents - gentest - N / N

                 12.03.2009- HCM 1 - gentest - N / N

  18.11.2009 - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Screening Examination Findings - negative

               07.11.2009 - PKD negative



7 x EX 1

2 x Nom BIS

1 x BIV

When I was going to this famous German breedery, I didn't know that in the future I would have to run with bucket and brush :)) but he is such a lovable cat that I can forgive him everything...

Floyd, who looks like a cat, in fact could be rather a coon, otter or fish. I don't know why, but he LOVES water and it drives me crazy. I can only hope that he will grow up and stop playing with his bowl with water, lying on wet things, etc. But after all he is a normal cat with huge appetite, a predator who once killed a poor mouse (that wanted to spend winter in a cosy house) but did not eat it. When he is hungry, he can whine very long and loud. It doesn't make a difference, he can even eat a cookie, and he loves biscuits. Lately he has started to like females...

Currently he is a sweet boy with fantastic fur and great pattern. He made friends with all the inhabitants. He treats dogs as natural companions. He loves running with Basil and Modrasek.



MCO f 22 / classic black tortoiseshell tabby /


Yaga is a daughter of Baccary and Floyd; she inherited fantastic big ears, nice muzzle, beautiful shape of eyes, good body proportions and strong bones.

Her pedigree is very interesting, because it is "a mixture" of Polish, German, Norwegian and American breeding lines. Time will show which of these will reveal in her children. As for now, she is a happy and mischievous female, eagerly hunting for insects and eating them, yuuuuuk...


Felv, Fiv ( - )


MCO d 22

Parents HCM MYBPC3 1 N/N

usg ( HCM) - free ( 03.2013.)

Pedigree of LEYLA Bratnia Dusza*PL