Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural races of North America, known for over a hundred years.

Its comes from the state of Maine, that's why the race is also know as Maine Cat. The origins are unknown; it is believed to be a mixture of longhaired cats brought by sailors to seaside towns and the inhabitants.

Maine Coon is a half-long hair. It means that fur is short on the head, shoulders and limbs and it becomes longer in the hind part of the body, on the sides, on the belly, and it forms a kind of pantaloons or britches on hind legs. There is also a full collar on the neck.

Head - it's of the middle size, square-shaped with good stop, bent forehead and prominent cheeckbones.

Nose - of the middle length, strong chin that forms a vertical line including nose and the upper lip.

Eyes - big, a bit oval, but not almond-shaped, set a bit askew to the outside ear angle.

Ears - big, broad at the bottom and quite sharp on the end, set high but not to close. Ears are often tipped with fur.

Body - long with massive bone structure. Well built; wide chest. It is natural for the males to be bigger than females.

Legs - average length. Big roun paws. Fur between toes is required.

Tail - it has to be at least as long as the body measured from shoulders to the base of the tail. The tail is wider at the bottom an narrower in the end. The fur is very plentiful.

Colour/pattern - these cats can be of any colour and pattern, excluding himalaian, burma, chocolate lilly or flaxen pattern. The area of white hair is not limited.

Caring Maine Coons is not difficult. The silky fur rarely gets felt, so the cat only needs brushing from time to time, usually with talcum powder or childs powder :))

These cats are ideal domestic animals, they easily become friends with adults and children. They can also live together with animals of other races. They are kind and friendly.

The full physical progress is gained after three or four years of age. They become mature very late.