Pictures of newborns will be available soon :)

My kittens tried to eat the computer mouse, but I eventually can use my computer and wish all the CATS prosperity and happiness.

I have just received very nice news –

BAZYL Bratnia Dusza *PL (cattery z Domu Violi *PL) received another CAC certificate at Cat Show in Olsztyn which means he is now a Champion. Congratulations!

08.08.2010 – CH BONA Bratnia Dusza *PL (cattery Ewjatar *PL) received another CACIB and so she became Inter Champion!!!


07.08.2010 – Saturday on Cat Show by CCAmber brought very nice results for my cats:
BAZYL Bratnia Dusza *PL (cattery z Domu Violi *PL) received another CAC (champion of the show)
ZOSIA TOSIA Bratnia Dusza *PL at her first show received CAC
CH BONA Bratnia Dusza *PL received another CACIB
– and my young male IVO Maykatri Blue *PL received NOM BIS in teenagers class :)

Congratulations for cats and their breeders!

June and July 2010 have been very satisfactory to me – a female from my cattery – BONA Bratnia Dusza *PL (from Ewjatar *PL) gained Champion title (3 shows in a row, NOM BIS, BIV). She finished Championship at a show in Germany and despite many competitors she started the IC title!

Her brother, BAZYL Bratnia Dusza *PL (from z Domu Violi *PL) at a show in Sopot gained CAC certificate and NOM BIS – congratulations for the siblings and their carers :)

I wish all cats – pedigree or not – good people and luck around them, as well as prosperity not only today but every day.

I also greet all 'my' cats – who now live with new owners and all 'cat maniacs'.

We celebrated the International Cat Day in the Public Municipal Library in Bolszewo. There came many cat lovers. We went there with Basil, who was very happy to be there. See pictures here:

Time goes by so quickly... It's been 15 years since I started to breed cats.

The end of winter and the beginning ofspring 2009 were very sad to me :(((

On March 6th died my beloved Ambra, then on April 21st my Modry passed away........

Though it happened a while ago, I still cannot talk or write about it......

Last Sunday (21.06.2009) we went to a Cat Show to Ostróda (PL). The litter "Y" / parents: Floyd and Boni / was the 1st and was nominated to BIS, where it again was the winner, which means it gained BIS in litters cat. 2 / the best litter in category 2 / :)))))

I have had problems with e-mail and Internet for about a month - some of messages I sent were not received by the recipients and also I did not receive some messages that were sent to me. I am really sorry if you did not receive my reply to your e-mail. You can try to call me in urgent matters.

Happy Easter to all visitors – old and new ones, the ones that I am going to meet, cat lovers etc. – I wish you all the joy of spring, a lot of food and a bit of water :) Hanna Nowacka

1. None of the photos was retouched. The cats look exactly like in reality.

2. I do not give my cats away. I think that it is not fair to "get rid of" a member of my family just because he or she cannot have more children. My cattery will not be too big because of that. At present I have 5 castrates at home and let them live long...


03.06.2008 – at present I do not have any free kittens. All kittens have found new great homes, as usual :)

Visit the "Plans" tab.


 03.07.2008 – soon we will welcome a new "lady"... but not only :))


27.08.2008 – I am currently scanning photos "from the old times" – I am going to put them as new elements of existing information about my breeding. Some of the photos are of low quality, but I treat them as archival and for me they have great emotional value... In the times before the Internet became popular, people used to take "traditional" photos... I am happy that my old photos stood the test of time...

16.07.2008 – new inhabitants have just come!!! More news soon, now we have to get some rest :))


01.12.2008 my breeding is now registered with a club called NO PROBLEM