About us:

I’ve been always fascinated by cats, but strangely I’ve always had dogs at home, not necessarily pedigree. In 1978 came KORA, a German Shepherd bitch, who later won a number of shows and medals. Then I welcomed a Cocker Spaniel bitch BONA, who gave birth to very rare in the 80s puppies, coloured black and tan as well as chocolate and tan. Next our happy brood was joined by BONA’s daughter, BUBA of Kacza Łączka. She was the sweetest and loveliest dog, of a great personality, I think she only lacked the ability to speak human language. However, dogs live short, much too short. KORA died first, then BONA, and her daughter died in my arms. I bought KUMA-KITA Pastele, a Shih-tzu bitch, after BONA had died. I was comforted by her, as well as BUBA, who missed her mother so much that she didn’t want to eat or drink. The change for good came when I brought this sweet little but very determined pup of only 60dkg. BUBA felt the lust for life, she took care of KUMA as if it was her own child.

Nevertheless, the same sadness came after BUBA had died. Then I started thinking of having a cat – as a friend for me and a helpmate for KUMA.

At the same time in 1991 in Gdańsk was a cat show. There was such a crowd that it was impossible to get out of the line and come back again. If you wanted to do that, you had to come back to the beginning of the line. Now you don’t see such crowds. I knew I wanted to have a ginger Persian female cat, but two important facts changed everything. First, I didn’t know that it was almost impossible to buy a female cat of such a colour. Second, I hadn’t even realized that on the show I would see such a great cat that I would like to have it, no matter what happens. I saw a giant, lovely and majestic MAINE COON. Bang! It happened! I stood there, amused by that ”monster”, who seemed not to pay attention to anyone and didn’t look at me for even one second. He became my unattainable dream. I don’t have to tell you that next day I “run” to the show and stood by the cage, admiring “the little one”. I knew I would do anything to have a cat of that breed, but I also did not give up on the ginger female. In 1993 I brought from Warsaw ginger Tafunia Alzo, and I named her Murka – in honour of a cat whom my grandmother had during the war. When I decided to take Murka (now 15-year-old and still in good shape), I knew her face wasn’t flat enough and resembled anteater ;), but that was why I liked Murka. After participating in a number of shows and receiving a breeding licence, Tafunia had a few litters of great kittens in three colours – ginger, white and tortoiseshell. They also weren’t too flat as for show requirements, but the new owners like the cats just because of this characteristic. I still say that a cat should have "an anteater-like muffle", and that is why Murka is my first and last Persian cat. In 1995 to my home came a female cat Maine Coon DK* Priscas GAUDIANE (Zuzia). I brought her from Denmark, which wasn’t easy. Just now, after all the love I give to Murka, can I appreciate good sides of Maine Coon personality. Comparing these two races I assume that Persian cats are, with all the respect, “stationary”, while Maine Coons are hard to describe, and the best way to know them is to have them! In one of many books about cats I read that they are wild cats (when it comes to appearance) and at the same time domestic. For me it’s one of the best descriptions of the race. On one hand they are kind giants, good-natured and nice, with wonderful temper. They follow the man, like dogs, and participate in family life. One the other hand they are decisive and able to lead “the dog and cat herd”, even if the dog is Rhodesian. This happens in my house, in which 15-year-old Zuzia leads all the cats and two big dogs.

The other cats I haven't written about yet are: 11-year-old GIC EVITA Bratnia Dusza * PL, Zuzia's daughter and 11-year-old DAISY – MARGARET z Półwyspu (Eng. "from Peninsula"), a Cornish Rex female "inherited" from someone who unfortunately died and Mruczek - "a street cat" with the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Zuzia, after receiving at shows the title of Champion, became a mother. She’s had four litters, of which only two female cats are exhibited. The rest doesn’t care about shows and lives happily in prosperity at ”their people’s homes”. I don’t feel bad about that. When I sell a kitten, the most important conditions are safety, love and care – not shows.

I receive many thank you letters and I would need another chapter to write about them. Then I will only tell you that over 15 years I’ve made friends with a number of people who bought my kittens, we still meet and talk.

In 1997 I bought a Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch, Canga. After we moved to the country, she was “the guard and defender”. I must admit that her relationships with Zuzia were not easy. Zuzia was pregnant and gave 2.5-month-old strong and quite big Canga (12kg of weight) hard time. It was 10 years ago and since then Canga gave birth to two litters of sweet puppies. Her daughter, AMBRA, stayed at family home and had five puppies.

After introducing my dogs and cats, who give me so much happiness and satisfaction, I warmly welcome and invite you to view my website – Hanna Nowacka

I can't speak English, so please contact my friend, Małgorzata, and she will translate our letters. Her e-mail is emkajot@gmail.com.